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all around handy graphics guy

graphic design

• highly organized and proficient production artist
• Macintosh power-user since '92
• Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 user
• influenced by the best
• meticulous problem solver
• in the battle with technology - i always win
• hard-working, well-disciplined, devoted to the job


• learned basic skills with letterpress printing at age 7
• layout/typography/color design savvy
• print production management friendly
• brochures, fliers, newsletters, posters, etc, etc, etc.
• design tolerance to within 1,000th of an inch

• Adobe Illustrator, InDesign


• a distinctive contemporary look for every brand
• conceptual continuity driven
• highest quality identity

• vector art a specialty


• stills, video, film, digital, lighting, sets, props, production, editing, retouching
• Photoshop power-user since it was sold on floppies
• Adobe Lightroom wrangler

• Adobe Photoshop old timer


• all-in-one producer/designer/photographer/writer
• html/css - designer/coder
• domain/hosting/server management
• WordPress
• email marketing
• social media prince
• response time is measured in minutes, not days
• 20 year web portfolio


• knows traditional media
• knows how to draw
• map design
• vector art a specialty


• created the Old Louisville smart phone app
• all-in-one researcher, writer, producer, designer, photographer


• design/produce/install
• computer-aided-design since 1987
• in-house vinyl cutting printing
• concept visualization to finished product


john paul

started in radio, moved on to television, shifted to film, upgraded to digital, and continues to adapt to the rapid changes of technology and the internet.

always learns the fundamentals first, and keeps his designs elegant, clean, and simple.

Al Gore, Netscape, and i helped invent 'web pages with pictures' in 1995.

studied @ Louisville School of Art in Anchorage, KY.

freelanced as art director for local agency for many years creating a wide range of products for a diverse group of local and international clients.

anything else you'd like to see or know on request.


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