Some web sites I’ve produced, designed and single-handedly created.

Pinecrest Cottage
A Unique Lodging Experience (2017)

Tim Faulkner Gallery
Louisville's most interesting and eclectic arts event space (2017)

Historic Louisville Guide
A guide to Louisville's historic architecture (2016)

Bottled Liquors
One-page social media empowered. (2016)

CES Environmental
One-page site for the guy who doesn't have a lot of time to read. (2016)

Oldemaser Originals
14 years later:- a redesign! (2015)

Vic's Classic Bikes
Bicycle Restoration shop. (2015)

Tweed & Tartan Ride
Bicycle event. (2014) - First of the WordPress sites

Charlie Williams Design
Architectural Drafting site. (2013) - Last of the HTML sites

Kentucky Wheelmen
Heritage Bicycling site. (2012)

Kentucky Scenic Tours
Travel tours site. (2012)

Victorian Louisville, Inc.
Neighborhood nonprofit. (2011)

Leo Wrye Zimmerman
Artist’s tribute site. (2011)

1244 S. Sixth Street
A historical tribute. (2010)

Jackie Green for Mayor
Independent political candidate. (2009)

Garvin Gate Blues Festival
Neighborhood fundraiser. (2009)

CRS Demolition
Experts in demolition. (2008)

Contemporary restaurant. (2007)

Interior Marketplace
Interior design retail store. (2006)

Louisville Executive Transportation
A one-page site. (2004)

Bird’s Nest
Florida rental property. (2004)

Scenic Kentucky
Advocate for scenic beauty. (2004)

OKHT 2003
Largest bicycle tour in Kentucky. (2003)

OKHT Bicycle Tour Jersey
Promotes a bicycle jersey. (2002)

Gatterdams Electric
Electric motor repair. (2002)

Oldemaster Originals
Hardwood golf putters. (2001)

Fusion Home

Contemporary home furnishings store site. (2000)

Metro Barware
Unfinished vintage barware site shown for Photoshop work. (1999)

Laser Images
Printer cartridge remanufacturer. (1998)

Out On Main
Theme restaurant. (1996)



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